Second flow of training- module writers completed training
News ArchiveJune 27, 2016

Under the Teacher and School Director Professional Development Project, the second flow of module writers has taken special trainings. The training course designed for the module writers aims to prepare participants so that they could be able to design training modules based on the student-centered teaching and assessment principles. Consequently, the training focused on practical activities and experiments in which the module writers were involved themselves and took part in a type of learning process the implementation of which the project aims to provide across Georgia.

During the training a special emphasis was made on research, problem and project-based learning principles and approaches. Each training session integrated the use of technology in the teaching / learning process, gender and social equality issues in the form of cross competences.

The training modules have been prepared by GOPA, the consulting group and are based on the needs identified through the research conducted in Georgia in 2015.

"Teacher and School Director Professional Development Project" with the financial support of Millennium Development Corporation and the Millennium Development Account- Georgia was launched at the beginning of the current year. The aim of the project is to improve academic performance of public school students in the natural sciences, mathematics, geography, English language, and information and communication technologies. To this end, in the next three years, professional development trainings will be provided for all Georgian public schools 7-12 grade teachers of respective subjects, school directors and facilitators.