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Georgian Language teaching materials

In 2011-2013 National Center for Teacher Professional Development published I-XII level manuals for primary, basic and secondary students within the Program “Georgian Language for Future Success”. The manual consists of student book, student note-book and teacher book with audio material.

New Georgian language manual is based on modern pedagogical principles, at the core of which is the language communicative teaching. Communicative-interactive method is dramatically different from the traditional grammar-translation method. The book structure is based on student needs, real life, and communicative situations. As for grammar, the so called communicative grammar approach is selected. Grammar is a tool in the manual helping the students achieving their final, academic goals.

It’s noteworthy that the teaching material includes not only manuals, but also audio-visual materials. Special computer games have been created that will be installed at the netbooks designed for 1-st graders as well as posted at the web-page: (