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Program specific goal(s)

  • Enhancing Georgian Language studying opportunities for teachers and dwellers in national minority regions via offering Georgian language courses.
  • Developing methodological competencies among the local teachers in:

         a. Georgian as a Second Language.

         b. Subject and language integral teaching.

  • Equipping local teachers with methodological competencies with effective assistance from program assisting teachers.
  • Developing local teacher competencies via the Georgian Language trainings carried out by the program assisting teachers.
  • Developing intercultural and social competencies among the national minority communities via implementing various informal activities, to trigger the interest and acceptability of the state language and socio-culture among the teaching staff, students and the community in general.
  • Enhancing the qualifications of certified teacher-trainers enrolled in the program “Georgian Language for Future Success” through practical activities, in order for them to carry out effective methodological and language trainings for program assisting teachers or/and local teachers or/and community representatives via online resources.