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“Vocational Teacher Development” State Program

One of the top priorities in vocational education development strategy in Georgia is vocational teachers’ professional development and turning the profession into a more appealing and prestigious one in general. The strategy emphasizes the need for systematic and long-term approach to teacher professional development. In this direction, it is challenging to develop vocational education teachers training, induction and continuous professional development system.

It should be noted that the recent years has laid the foundation for the system formation, but no less important is the implementation phase, which requires mobilizing of resources and a sustained and targeted intervention. In addition, in the background of the changes taking place within the vocational education field, improvement of teacher capacities in specific areas is on the agenda: implementing training programs based on their needs and other professional development activities.

Program Goals

The program aims todevelopteacher training, professional development and career growth systemanddevelopvocational education teachercompetenciesin accordance with the current changesinteachers' needs and vocational education. Thus,the objectives of the programis to respond, onthe one hand the challenges at the system level,andon the other hand - teachers' needs. In particular,

  • Develop teachers’ skills in the vocational education;
  • Develop teachers’ skills in inclusive education;
  • Develop teachers’ skills in the use of ICT;
  • Develop teachers’ subject skills in priority areas in enterprises and with employers;
  • Teachers' professional knowledge and skills to meet the outcomes provided by the professional standards and modular training;
  • Teacher training and development unified system to be established and function successfully.