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“School Network” Program

Achievement of set, national goals in education sector is only possible through progress oriented schools and teams of professional teachers who are oriented on professional skills and pedagogical practice improvement through collaboration on constant basis. School based professional development pilot program had been implemented in 206 schools in 2013-2014. Groups of teachers oriented on continuous professional development and capable of identifying the professional needs and designing professional development schemes on individual as well as school basis had been created within the pilot program scope.

“School Network” program has been developed with the school experience, human, timely or material-financial resources optimizations in mind. The program objectives are supporting effective collaboration among schools, formation of professional development oriented, open school systems by giving teachers the opportunities of sharing their experiences with other teachers and finding solutions to various professional problems on collaborative basis. Such activities can serve as prerequisite to setting up professional associations. School networks will contribute to school prestige elevation among local communities and increase their engagement in school life.

Isolated functioning schools are hindering factor to school collaboration and professional growth. Experience sharing opportunities are rare, resulting in failure of objective analysis of one’s negative and positive sides, problem identification and finding ways to effective solutions. Schools often complain of lack available resources, although it’s the collaborative approach that makes the exchange of human, timely or material-financial resources available.

Cases are frequent when subject teachers from the neighboring schools don’t know each other and can’t form the subject or regional groups for participating in on spot subject trainings that reflect negatively on their professional development.

“School Network” program is experience based and has a hereditary nature, is characterized by systematization, a prerequisite for support of professional growth and collaborative approach.