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“Education Management” Program
As it reads in the “Strategic Dimensions of Education and Science Management”, the vital problem for education management is the low quality of reporting and coordination scheme within the general management system. Thus the major priorities of MoES is providing professional development opportunities for human resources engaged at any level in the educational and scientific systems, also improving the monitoring and evaluation tools within the system.

The newly appointed school principals and ERC staff require support in planning and correct organizational management of the activities meeting the requirements of modern challenges, as well as problem identification and formation of planning- reporting collaborative culture and especially employee/teacher activities evaluation and self-evaluation skills development.

School librarian role in student literacy improvement and staff professional development must be strengthened; school administrative clerks’ skills also need further development for effective functioning. Also the school self-governance and school trustees must be more actively involved in school management issues. All of the above mentioned activities will finally result in improved school management system and coordinated collaboration with the governing bodies.

The Education Management Program aims at formation of modern, effective management systems in educational institutions and ERC-s through developing continuous professional development system of administrative staff that is a vital challenge in modern education system and requires maximal efficiency in management and coordination at all management levels for successful realization of education reform.