Public Information

Public Information
Access to Public information as well as request for copies is available for all. Duly justified cases include the cases provided by the law and personal, state or commercial secret related information.

Public information can be requested in written as well as electronic forms.

Public Institutions bear the legal obligation of providing the requested information immediately or no later than within 10 days according the cases provided by the law.

In case a person requests a copy of public information, the person is obliged to bear the fees according to the rates established by the Georgian Law on “Public Registry Demand Fee for The Provided Public information”.

Responsible person for Public Information and Proactive Disclosure is :

Tamar Bazghadze - Lawyer, National Center for Teacher Professional Development.

Cell phone: (+99532)2200220 (4502)


Decree on appointment of Responsible for Public Information and Proactive Disclosure and Decree of the Government of Georgia N219 ,,About the Form of the Electronic Request of Information and Proactive Disclosure of Public Information“ are available in Georgian.