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Georgian Language for Future Success
Ministry of Education and Science of Georgia is implementing a policy of national minority civic integration. In spite of various attempts of effective Georgian language teaching to national minorities, the state still has to tackle the problem of lack of state language knowledge among the national minorities dwelling in Georgia. The problem can hinder the national minority full integration in the political, cultural and economic life of the country. Due to low language competencies, teachers are less aware of standards defined by the National Curriculum and participate less in professional development activities.

National Center for Teacher professional Development, LEPL of Ministry of Education and Science of Georgia, is implementing various strategies of enhancing Georgian language teaching to national minorities and their civic integration within the national minority civic integration strategy. The center is carrying out activities contributing to access to education for national minorities and popularizing Georgian language, at the same time maintaining their culture and language distinctiveness. It’s also important that schools, where national minorities are presented as students or teachers, comply with the requirements of the National Curriculum. For example in order to meet the student standard requirements, teachers must carry out the teaching processes based on the National Curriculum, but the low Georgian language competencies often act as a hindering factor for achieving these goals.