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Teacher Induction Program

In-service teachers teaching subjects (provided by the National Curriculum) with 2 years of tenure are eligible for applying for the program.

Attracting and maintain qualified staff is one of the most serious challenges Georgian Education system is currently facing. The research indicated that the theoretical knowledge and especially the practical work at the universities is not sufficient for acquiring and developing professional skills for teacher inductees.

Teacher inductees have to face some serious challenges at the begging of their professional careers which they can’t overcome on their own. The data analysis provided by EMIS also indicate that teacher resignation is relatively high within 2 years of employment. Thus support of inductee teachers by experienced colleagues, experts and consultants at the begging stages of their careers is vital.

“Teacher Induction” pilot program will be launched in 2015-2016 academic year. The program is tailored for teachers with 0 – 2 tenure. The teacher needs will be identified previously by research results, teacher training material will be developed and additional services with professional development in mind will be provided.


The program beneficiaries will participate in researches and surveys, will attend professional trainings, consultations and conferences.