The National Center for Teacher Professional Development has started a regional training tour for inclusive education specialists
News ArchiveOctober 24, 2017

TPDC has started a regional training tour for inclusive education specialists. The first workshop was held within the tour where Nino Gordeziani, the Head of the Target Programs of the Center introduced the host schools and the aims of the study tour to teachers.

The study tour aims to develop knowledge and skills of inclusive education specialists that will enable special regional teachers, coordinators and psychologists of inclusive education to learn about and share the practices and experience of the most successful schools in the field of inclusive education.

Within the regional training tour the participants for five days will get acquainted with the effective strategies of integration of SEN students in the learning process and observe the factors that determine the success of inclusive education in schools.

The qualification competition of participants was announced by the TPDC in September of this year, through which 30 inclusive education specialists from regions were selected.

The study tour has been held for the third time already. The Center started the implementation of the project in 2016.