International Seminar within European program "eTwinning Plus" is held for the first time in Tbilisi
News ArchiveOctober 04, 2017

In Tbilisi, within the framework of the program "eTwinning Plus" the first contact seminar was opened in which apart from Georgian teachers 52 teachers and program coordinators from 10 European countries (France, Germany, England, Poland, Lithuania, Latvia, Turkey, Hungary, Ukraine, Azerbaijan) take part.

The special speaker of the seminar is the British Council representative, eTwinning Ambassador Chris Williams, who will make a report on the importance of international cooperation and its benefits.

The aim of the contact seminar is to work together on joint project ideas, share best practices, motivate teachers, support the cooperation and communication, and reveal innovative teaching methods.

The participants of the three-day workshop will be offered a variety of learning-thematic meetings, which will be conducted by the representative Ambassadors from Georgia and other European countries.

The process of the seminar envisages setting up teacher groups according to their interests and their joint work on various training projects. Eventually, the project plans will be posted on the eTwinning portal, and teachers upon the return to their countries will be able to implement them in classrooms.

The National Center for Teacher Professional Development, with the help of the European Commission has been carrying out the Program for School Teachers’ Online System Involvement and Collaboration with European Countries since March 2013. The program is an international online platform designed to encourage the cooperation between schools of Europe and its neighboring countries which allows teachers of different countries to connect to each other, collaborate, share their ideas and implement educational projects.

The aim of the program is to promote education, continuous process of professional development of teachers, introduction of education through projects and effective and efficient use of electronic resources.

The program helps Georgian teachers in their professional development and in planning diverse learning processes. Within the program, teachers are able to participate in international seminars, conferences and workshops. They study and develop team working and communication skills, learn about principles of integrated teaching, project-based learning, etc.

Approximately 600 teachers in Georgia are currently involved in the program.