The Scientific Conference - “Values and Education“ has been held
News ArchiveSeptember 30, 2017
Within the week of the Science and Innovations Festival, the first scientific conference "Values ​​and Education" was held in the scope of the TPDC informational educational resources program.

The goal of the conference was to gather current research carried out at various of universities and schools, provide an opportunity to researcher-scholars and researcher teachers to share their achievements and experiences that will help to contribute to cooperation between them and promote further exchange of research results and enhance collaboration.

The conference participant researchers had the opportunity to listen to a plenary lecture of well-known scientists in the field, learn about the latest research directions, research methodology and the tendencies of the field development.

This year, the National Center for Teacher Professional Development has developed the first Georgian peer-reviewed online journal "Science of education” for researchers. By creating the new publication the Center aims to facilitate scientific research on education, as well as to integrate researcher teachers in the scientific space. It is another new resource and opportunity for researchers and teachers of the field.