Training held within the program "Teach and Learn with Georgia"
News ArchiveSeptember 21, 2017
Within the framework of the TPDC project "Teach and Learn with Georgia," volunteer teachers took an eight-day training course.

The trainings included Georgian Language, Intercultural Communication and General Methodology Course. Furthermore, volunteer teachers got acquainted with the Georgian culture during the training and received recommendations on various technical and household issues such as moving in the city, using mobile operators etc.

The volunteer teachers have been already distributed in 8 regions of Georgia; Adjara, Guria, Samegrelo- Zemo Svaneti, Racha-Lechkhumi, Imereti, Kvemo Kartli, Shida Kartli, Kakheti. They are ready, apart from working in schools, to teach the language to all teachers interested in learning the foreign language in the community.

Within the framework of the project "Teach and Learn with Georgia", several groups of foreign volunteer teachers visit Georgia each year. Volunteer teachers live in host families and are employed in public schools of Georgia, where they take active part in school and community life in cooperation with local language teachers and other members of the community. Together with foreign colleagues, local foreign language teachers increase their language competence, find and process additional materials based on the learner needs, learn and put in practice modern methods of language teaching.