George Machabeli briefed on the progress of professional skills training course in Marneuli
News ArchiveMarch 18, 2017

The Director of National Center for Teacher Professional Development George Machabeli visited Marneuli N5 public school and learned about the progress of the professional skills training. Currently, the training is being done by teachers of non-Georgian schools, who have Georgian language A2 level certified through the state language course.

The training "Planning, management, evaluation of teaching process" is carried out for general professional skills development. Besides this, the training is being taken by approximately 100 teachers in Kvemo Kartli schools, and the training for Javakheti non-Georgian local school teachers will begin in the coming days.

The Center Director attended the Information Consulting meeting in Marneuli N2 public school in which school administration and teachers participated and changes to the scheme were discussed.