150 trainers trained in provision of general professional training module for teachers
News ArchiveMarch 12, 2017

Under the "Millennium Challenge Account - Georgia" Teacher and School Director Professional Development Project, which is being carried out by TPDC, 150 trainers have been trained who will provide general professional skills trainings for more than 7,000 public school teachers across the country.

The training will help teachers develop the skills for positive and effective management of the teaching process. Ultimately, teachers will be able to create a student-centered learning environment where each student will have the opportunity to learn in physically and emotionally safe environment.

In addition, the knowledge acquired at the training will enable teachers to become aware of the importance of establishing cooperative and professional culture with colleagues and the benefits of the use of professional portfolio.

"Positive management of learning process and professional commitment to professional development” -the third module of the general professional skills course has been developed by local and international consultants on the basis of the need analysis of Georgian teachers.

In April-May of the current year, the training will involve more than 7,000 VII-XII grade mathematics, chemistry, physics, biology, geography and English language teachers of all public schools across the country that have already been trained in the first and second modules of the general professional skills course in October-February 2016-2017.

Within the project, ethnic minority teachers will have the opportunity to participate in the trainings. The training material has been specially translated for them and Russian, Armenian and Azerbaijani trainers will be trained.

Under the project, in 2016-2018 teachers will take two training courses:

1. General professional skills (three twelve hour modules; total of 36 hours - 3 credit points)

2. Active teaching of subjects (one twenty four hour module - 2 credit points)

Teachers will be trained in two stages. The professional development course for the first group of teachers started in October 2016 and will be completed in July 2017 (general professional skills and subject methodology); the second flow of teachers will be trained in the same course in October 2017 - July 2018.

The Millennium Challenge Account-Georgia project is funded by the Millennium Challenge Corporation and is carried out by the National Center for Teacher Professional Development with the expert support of IREX, the international consulting company and cooperation with the Ministry of Education and Science of Georgia.