Trainer trainings under Teacher and School Director Professional Development Project in progress
News ArchiveDecember 01, 2016

National Center for Teacher Professional Development within the scope of "Millennium Challenge Account - Georgia" "Teacher and School Director Professional Development Project" continues the provision of the trainings. Currently, teacher trainers are being trained to carry out the second phase of teacher trainings. From January 2017, 7-12 grade exact and natural sciences, geography and English language practicing teachers will be trained in the second module of general professional skills - "Student-centered learning environment -teaching and assessment strategies".

The training module aims to familiarize participants with the learner centered teaching and assessment strategies and help them link the acquired knowledge with their own practical activities. The training will help the participants determine the learning objectives correctly and better plan the learning process. The participants will also learn about a variety of final assessment forms, evaluation rubric development rules and the fundamental principles to be considered in the assessment process. The module particularly focuses on the importance of developmental assessment and its targeted and effective use in the teaching process. During the trainings, the participants will be given the opportunity to model the developmental assessment techniques. The module will also help the trainees analyze the results in respect of gender, social differences and special needs and modify the learning process accordingly.

The first stage of the second module of the general professional skills will be offered to the teachers who took the first module - "Student centered learning environment featuresin October-November 2016. In total up to 9000 teachers.

The teacher trainings under the project will be provided in two stages: in 2016-2017 academic year, a long-term training course will be taken by 9000 teachers. The second group of teachers will start the course in 2017-2018 academic year. In total, approximately 18000 public school teachers will have been trained by 2019 within the scope of the project.

In general, the long-term teacher professional development course consists of a total of three modules professional skills and subject methodology modules. The course for each group takes 9 months and includes the components for the promotion of practical implementation of the knowledge and skills gained at the training, including teacher meetings at the regional level for sharing their experiences.

The course is conducted by certified trainers, who have been trained at the National Center for Teacher Professional Development Trainer School through the programs developed by the Millennium Challenge Account - Georgia international and local consultants.

Millennium Challenge Account -Georgia "Teacher and School Director Professional Development Project" has been implemented by the National Center for Teacher Professional Development with the financial support of the Millennium Challenge Corporation and cooperation with the Ministry of Education and Sciences of Georgia.