High-level delegation from Millennium Challenge Corporation visits National Center for Teacher Professional Development
News ArchiveSeptember 29, 2016
National Center for Teacher Professional Development, within the official part of the visit, hosted the Millennium Challenge Corporation delegation and Nancy Lee, the Head of the corporation and deputy executive director. The delegation was introduced to the "Teacher Professional Development Project" funded under the second Millennium Challenge Compact. The project has been implemented by the National Center for Teacher Professional Development under the memorandum signed between the Center and the "Millennium Challenge Account - Georgia" in 2015.

Within the project, all public school directors are provided with leadership trainings, and approximately 20 000 exact and natural sciences, geography and English language I-7-12 grade teachers will take professional development course within the three year period.

The Second Compact is the first investment of Millennium Challenge Corporation, which only applies to education. The Compact was launched in 2014. Its budget is $ 140 million USD and is designed to improve the quality of Natural Science, Engineering and Technology (STEM) education through the strategic investments. The investments are aimed at development of different levels of education and involve such vulnerable groups, such as women and socially underprivileged persons.

The investment is based on the reasonable assumption that better-educated professionals within the engineering and technological fields support long-term economic growth in Georgia, which will benefit 17 million Georgian citizens.

Since 2006, the Millennium Challenge Corporation and the Georgian Government have been working to promote the economic growth, reduce poverty and promote Georgian people’s potential. In the last ten years, after the first and second compact, the Millennium Challenge Corporation has made about $ 600 million investment. The support demonstrates the strong partnership between the USA and Georgia and support to Georgian citizens.
Millennium Challenge Corporation is an independent agency of the US government, which carries out a variety of projects (compacts) to reduce poverty in the world through economic growth. The Corporation was established in 2004 and allocates necessary investments in the form of grants for economic growth of developing countries that meet the strict standards of good governance, fighting corruption and democratic rights.