Teachers' Professional Development Center Director visits physics teacher laboratory trainings at Ilia State University
News ArchiveSeptember 19, 2016
George Machabeli, the Director of the National Center for Teacher Professional Development and Giga Zedania, the Rector of Ilia State University visited physics teacher trainings running at the University.

Within the scope of the training "Modern School Experiments in Physics with” PHYWE" laboratory" 43 trainees have been trained, and 150 physics teachers will be retrained.

The training aims to promote physics teacher professional development and develop computer technology skills required for conducting experiments; better understanding of experimental research in physics; improvement of school experiments and data processing skills; effective use of experiments when teaching physics.

During the event, the presentations demonstrating the laboratories capabilities and purpose were held for physics teachers. The arrangement of the laboratory at the university was due to requirement for safe operation and increased access need. Today, physics, chemistry and biology laboratories owned by National Center for Teacher Professional Development and Ilia State University can be used by both teachers and students.

National Center for Teacher Professional Development two physics laboratories– „PHYWE“of German origin and “Einstein Laboratory of Turkish production have been operating at Ilia State University pursuant to the memorandum signed between the parties.