Trainer School starts trainings for trainers with up to 2 years of experience
News ArchiveJuly 04, 2016
The public school N55 hosted a trainer training for trainers with up to 2 years of experience. Trainers are doing general course in trainer training, which is designed to provide participants with the knowledge under the “Framework of trainer competencies", development of professional skills and attitudes essential for planning and conducting of high-quality training.

The course includes three modules: Principles of adult learning; Effective communication and group dynamics; Module planning, assessment and development. Upon completion of the course and successful assessment thereof, participants will be granted trainer certificates.

Funding of the training course has been provided by National Center for Teacher Professional Development. For the competition announced within the project 1300 applicants expressed their willingness to take a trainer training course, out of which 800 were interviewed and 300 candidates have been chosen who are currently doing the 80-hour trainer training course in Tbilisi and the regions.

The underlying factor for creation of School of Trainers was the recent growing demand for professional development and the lack of trainers especially in the regions. For the past two years the Center has been working on the concept of School of Trainers, which was finalized and implemented with the support of the Millennium Challenge Account-Georgia. The trainer standard, the trainer training and professional development regulations, as well as the modules for trainer training and retraining have been developed. The growth of regional coverage has become the priority of School of Trainers.

The School of Trainers aims to built the pool of trainers and application of their resources in various institutions (governmental / non-governmental / university), as well as professional development of people working in schools.