German government initiated a study trip for vocational education specialists to Germany
News ArchiveMay 02, 2016
The vocational education training is under way at TPDC. The training participants under the funding of the German government will travel to University of Magdeburg to study.

The group members will be able to explore vocational education policy, vocational education teacher training programs, teaching methods, principles and ways of working with the private sector and other important aspects of the field.

Within the one-year program, the group members in addition to learning will develop specific projects for their further implementation in the system. The German government along with Georgian colleagues invites also professional education specialists from Armenia and Azerbaijan to study.

Before leaving for Germany, the group will be provided with preparatory training sessions, during which the participants will be introduced to the German model of vocational education and its comparative analysis with the experience of other countries. The trainings are provided by visiting professors from Germany.