National Center for Teacher Professional Development Launches Trainings in Sign Language within the Norwegian Project
News ArchiveOctober 29, 2015

National Center for Teacher Professional Development launched trainings for students with hearing impairments, teachers, parents and sign language interpreters within the project “Implementing Inclusive Education in Professional Education and Trainings System”. The trainings will be attended by 50 participants.

Training participants will get acquainted with theoretical and practical aspects of sign language, together with skills for dactyl learning.

The sign language interpreters will improve sign language interpreting techniques and will get acquainted with the interpreting rules and ethical issues.

Teachers will get information on educational needs of students with hearing impairments and creating favorable learning environments for them, as well as using sign language in learning and studying process.

The project is supported by the Norwegian government. The developing of training-modules for blind students and students with visual impairments as well as creating manuals and other additional educational resources are envisioned.