Meeting Held with Public School Teachers
News ArchiveOctober 20, 2014

By the initiative of the National Center for Teachers’ Professional Development an information meeting was held in First Experimental School on teachers’ professional development and career growth. The meeting was conducted by the head of the center Giorgi Machabeli and attended about 100 public school teachers.

During the meeting the following issues were discussed:


  • Qualification stages confined by the scheme;
  • Promotion from stage-to-stage
  • Activities which can be evaluated;
  • Evaluation tools for teachers.


The aim of the meeting was to inform teachers and provide them with all necessary details as well as listen to their notes and foresee them.

Continuous professional development is a process which helps teachers to face challenges existing in the profession. Through involvement in the professional development scheme, teachers are given opportunity to enhance qualification and promote status thus contributing to schools and improving education level.