Teachers Visit Poland
News ArchiveSeptember 16, 2014

In the scope of a joint project of The National Center for Teachers’ Professional Development and Ilia State University five Chemistry and five Biology teachers left for the Copernicus Science Center, Warsaw, Poland.

The Copernicus Science Center conducts an annual forum, which serves the purpose to make science subjects popular. At the same time, the Center implements various education programs. Among the programs one of the most important is to create clubs of Natural Sciences to encourage informal education.

Besides the commitments included in the work schedule, the visit envisages information tours in the Center. The teachers will get familiar with the Center structure, work peculiarities, science club formation and school network strategy, as well as planning the science experiments in the scope of teaching process and their implementation using the available resources.

After the visit the teachers will form the Science Clubs and share the experience with the different schools of the region which will give rise to formation of Science Clubs and creating school networks.

The participant teachers have been chosen on the basis of scheme monitoring report.