Certification Exam in Kakheti
News ArchiveJuly 04, 2012
As teachers’ certificationexams continue, the Head of Teachers’ Professional Development Center observedthe examination process in Telavi.

Gia Mamulashvili visitedTelavi University where examination in professional skills was held.Mamulashvili got familiarized with all sectors and received information fromthe representatives of the National Examination Center. More than 40 000teachers registered for the certification exams throughout the whole country,whilst over 1500 teachers will participate in the above-mentioned exam inTelavi. Teachers’ certification exams started on July, 2nd. Teacherswill take their exams in professional skills including Jule, 5th.Following this, teachers will pass their subject exams. Overall, examinationprocess will last iincluding July 19th , whilst the results achieved willbe known in August.

It’s worth noting, thatevery teacher was provided with the special trainings at Teacher’s ProfessionalDevelopment Center. Certifiedteachers will get 75 GEL as a bonus to their salaries.