Certification Exams Results - 2012
News ArchiveSeptember 03, 2012

Certificate exams for 2012 are over. This year, certificates will be given to approximately 8000 teachers, which is 2.5 times more than last year. The teachers will be able to check their results using their 9-digit identification code on the following websites: www.naec.ge, www.tpdc.ge.

Starting this year, teachers are given the opportunity to take the exam several times a year and at the end of October teachers’ re-registration will be announced. The teachers will be able to take the exams in public schools and in the National Examination Center.

Certificate exams for teachers have been held for three years thus far and the number of certified teachers continues to steadily grow. Teachers’ salaries will increase by 75 GEL if they pass the exam and by 200 Gel if they pass it in English. However, those who are ranked in the top 25% will receive a salary amounting to1000 GEL.