The winners of the competition „The little Artists“ were awarded
News ArchiveDecember 09, 2011
The competition was held in the framework of the programme ,,Georgian as a second language”.

Ten public schools from the regions inhabited by ethnic minorities were participated in the contest. The winner was revealed trough the Teachers House official facebook page. ,,Anaklia” the painting of Sadakhlo # 1 and AziQenda public schools students received the most of the likes on facebook. All seven students and their teachers were given gifts by Teachers House.

Students were awarded by iPods, flash cards and other presents, Teachers were gifted by flash cards, notebooks and pens.

In the framework of the programme,,Georgian-second language`` qualified teachers teach Georgian language in different regions of Georgia such as, Samtskhe-Javakheti, Kvemo-Kartli and Kakheti. In order to teach Georgian language teachers from Tbilisi and other regions of Georgia are dispatched in non-Georgian speaking schools of our country.The main goal of programme is to promote teaching Georgian language and to develop the professional skills of Georgian language and literature teachers.