Teachers of Terjola №1 public school attended Orientation-Mobility Training to meet one special student’s special educational needs
News ArchiveDecember 02, 2017

The training “Mobility and Orientation for the blind and partially sighted with multiple disorder children" was held for the teachers of Terjola №1 Public School within the framework of the Inclusive Education Support Program of the National Center for Teacher Professional Development. The purpose of the training was to support the effective teaching and social engagement of Anano Butskhrikidze, the blind student enrolled in the 5th grade of the school.

With the help of teachers trained within the same program, Anano is learning the Braille's font. In order to improve the skills needed for her independent life, she receives an individual instruction on mobility and orientation through which she can independently perform daily actions and learn how to perceive the world with the help of the white walking stick.

TPDC has been implementing mobility-orientation trainings since 2015. Within the framework of the program, mobility-orientation instructors have been trained who are currently attending the practical training module. The training module includes individual instruction for blind and partially sighted persons. In addition, the training is provided for the teachers who teach blind and partially sighted pupils and students with special needs.