Entrepreneurship Training Pilots Successfully Completed in Vocational Institutions
News ArchiveNovember 21, 2017

National Center for Teacher Professional Development has completed entrepreneurship training pilots in two vocational institutions.

The above trainings have been first time offered to vocational education teachers and students.

The entrepreneurship training module has been developed within the VET Teachers and Director Development Project, and in cooperation with the Chamber of Commerce of Georgia and the Munich Chamber of Commerce and Industry and aims at developing entrepreneurship skills among VET teachers and students.

In cooperation with the partner organizations, trainer training was held for the training pilot, and then teachers of the Gldani Vocational Training Center and College "Mermisi" were trained.

The training pilots were observed by German experts. After learning the basics of entrepreneurship, the training participant teachers presented their business plans drawn up during the training. The projects were assessed by the representatives of the Georgian Chamber of Commerce and the best business idea nominated.

The results of the pilot have already been evaluated. Upon the approval of the training-module, the entrepreneurship training will be held in all public vocational educational institutions.