Physics Trainers’ Internship in European Center for Nuclear Research
News ArchiveNovember 20, 2017

Following teachers of physics, this year, for the first time, twelve physics trainers attended a week-long training course in the European Center for Nuclear Research.

Within a week the physics trainers visited a number of scientific research laboratories, conducted school experiments on the ground, also listened to the lectures by foreign and Georgian physicists working in the CERN on the issues of modern physics and its role in the development of medicine, information technology and other fields. In addition, the teachers had the opportunity to get acquainted with the methodology of teaching physics provided by a specially invited specialist.

The trainers were selected through a competition in the summer and their internship was fully financed by the National Center for Teacher Professional Development.

For the last six years more than 100 teachers have been trained in the European Center for Nuclear Research. Apart from physics teachers, the TPDC annually organizes training programs for teachers of various subjects.