The Conference - Competences for Democratic Culture in School
News ArchiveOctober 29, 2017

The National Center for Professional Development hosted the summary conference "Instruments for Implementation of the Framework of Competences For Democratic Culture".

The project was held within the framework of the joint program of the Council of Europe and the European Union "Human Rights and Democracy in Action" coordinated by Georgia and the participant countries are: Andorra, Slovakia, and Croatia.

Framework of Competences for Democratic Culture is a new international document, the importance of which was confirmed by the representatives of the Council of Europe member states in the Declaration developed in Brussels on April 12, 2016. The introduction of the document will be officially launched in 2018. Georgia, together with the partner countries, has created an experience that will help other countries achieve goals as well as prevent problems.

Within the project a training-module was created, trainings for teachers were held, and students made films about the Competences for Democratic Culture in School. The conference summarized the work done by Georgia, as well as the participating countries, participants were awarded with the certificates and the author of the best film nominated.