Registration for external observer teachers has started
News ArchiveOctober 04, 2017
The National Center for Teacher Professional Development, within the Teacher Pre-Service, Professional Development and Career Advancement Scheme, starts the registration from October 4 to October 17 for those senior teachers who wish to act as external observers in the pilot mode.

The piloting of the external observation will be conducted only in Shida Kartli and Imereti regions. Any senior teacher who wishes to obtain the status of a leading teacher and who meets one of the following requirements is eligible for the registration:

a) has obtained at least 13 credit points, including at least 2 credit points through the activities required for obtaining the status of the leading teacher. (2 model lessons and / or research)

b) has been awarded with the status of the head teacher after obtaining a doctorate or equivalent degree in the field of education or the subject relevant specialty/field which s/he is teaching in a secondary education institution.