The Georgian Teachers on European Forum
News ArchiveFebruary 06, 2012
The Georgian teachers of first grade,who are teaching with net-books “Buki” will participate in “Partners in Learning Georgian Forum 2012”. It is a contest of innovative projects, organized by “Microsoft Georgia”. The Minister of Education and Science of Georgia, Dimistri Shashkini, the Manager of Microsoft Georgia Davit Asatiani and the Director of National Center for Teacher Professional Development – Gia Mamulaishvili held a briefing for the press on this project.The competition is based on effective use of informative technologies, which aims to improve education through the implementation of innovative teaching/learning methodologies.

The winner will take part in European Forum (Partners in Learning European Forum 2012), which will be held in Lisbon (Portugal) on March 20-22. In case of winning the European Forum, the project will be nominated for World Forum (Partners in Learning Global Forum 2012), which will be held in Athens (Greece) in October.

Those teachers of first grade who use net-books “Buki” in teaching process (1:1 E-learning) can participate in the competition.. Because of the specifications of integrated teaching, another teacher of the same grade can also be involved in project only if the project requires integration of 2 or more disciplines. The project can have no more than 2 authors, because the number of competitors is limited. 

The contest will be held in several stages. 2 projects, 4 teachers and two trainers will be sent to European Forum. The information about the contest can be found on websites of Ministry of Education and science (, National Center for Teacher Professional Development (www.tpcd) and “Microsoft Georgia” (

Microsoft Company holds such competitions in different countries of the world every year. This year Georgian teachers will participate in the Forum for the third time.