Short video film competition for pupils "Competencies for Democratic Culture in School" announced
News ArchiveSeptember 19, 2017
The National Center for Teacher Professional Development, in collaboration with the Council of Europe, announces a 3-5 minute short video film competition for pupils.

The competition entry shall be related to one or several of the following topics. The video film should demonstrate how students understand the issues in schools within the formal as well as informal education context:

1. Respect and appreciation of other people, human dignity and rights;
2. Respect and appreciation of cultural diversity and cultural differences;
3. Respect and appreciation of democracy, justice, honesty, equality and the rule of law;
4. Readiness for tolerance to cultural differences and other beliefs, worldviews, opinions or practices;
5. Respect and tolerance towards other people, different beliefs, worldviews and practices;
6. Civil thinking;
7. Responsibility;
8. Self-confidence;
9. Tolerance to uncertainty;
10. Independent learning skills;
11. Analytical and critical thinking skills;
12. Listening and observation skills;
13. Empathy;
14. Flexibility and adaptability;
15. Language, communication and multilingual skills;
16. Cooperation skills;
17. Conflict resolution skills;
18. Self awareness and critical perception of self;
19. Awareness of language and communication - critical perception;
20. Awareness and critical perception of the world (politics, laws, human rights, culture, cultures, religion, history, media, economics, environment and sustainable development).

Applicants should take into consideration the following terms:

⦁ The entry may be students, a teacher-student or school joint work;
⦁ The video film title shall be "Competencies for Democratic Culture in School";
⦁ The subtitle of the video film must be one of the above, to which the video relates;
⦁ The video film shall specify the name of the author / authors, grade, school;
⦁ The video film may be prepared with a smart phone or a tablet;
⦁ A pupil, a group of pupils may submit several entries;
⦁ Any pupil / pupils of public as well as private schools are eligible to participate in the competition;
⦁ Applicants should send their work to the following address:
⦁ Deadline for submission of entries: October 1, 2017.

The competition will identify 3 best video films.

Contact person: Maia Nakashidze Tel: 5 93 310 369