Trainings for public school teachers in subject methodology course "Active Teaching of Subjects" is in progress
News ArchiveAugust 22, 2017
Millennium Challenge Account – Georgia’s Project for Teachers and School Directors Professional Development, implemented by the National Center for Teacher Professional Development, offers the training course "Active Training of Subjects" to more than 7000 teachers from all public schools of Georgia.

Currently, more than 550 teachers are being trained. The trainings are held in Batumi, Bolnisi, Gardabani, Lagodekhi, Kobuleti, Kvareli and Khelvachauri.

The subject methodology course is conducted for chemistry, physics, biology, mathematics, geography and English language teachers and provides modeling of a real learning environment; In the course of the training, teachers are able to experience themselves the basic principles of student-oriented teaching approaches, see their direct benefits and to use active teaching strategies in their practice.

The training module consists of 24 contact hours. The teachers have the opportunity to discuss new strategies and approaches at workshops and thus facilitate their introduction into the classroom.

The subject methodology course deems it particularly important that teacher should be able to acquire the strategies and approaches which provoke students’ interest in studying the exact and natural sciences.

The knowledge and skills acquired in the trainings will enable teachers to make the learning process more fun, interactive, practical, and adjust to the demands and interests of the XXI century student.

The subject methodology trainings will be conducted across Georgia in August and September 2017.

Millennium Challenge Account – Georgia‘s Project is funded by MCG and is implemented by the LEPL Teacher Professional Development Center with the expert support of the international consulting organization IREX in cooperation with the Ministry of Education and Science of Georgia.