Training Course for Georgian Teachers in Great Britain
News ArchiveFebruary 11, 2012
Teachers of English language from different regions of Georgia have passed a training course in Great Britain. The course was organized by the National Center for Teacher Professional Development. 

For the two week training, teachers had lessons in several subjects, including trainings in language teaching methodologies, grammar and phonetics, working on tests of varying complexity, and conducting dialogues. After each lecture they held presentations on these subjects.

In overall, 19 teachers from different regions traveled to England and passed this training course at the New College Nottingham. After the training, teachers were awarded with certificates. 

These teachers will now give lectures in Tbilisi and share their experience with their Georgian colleagues. 

The Ministry of Education and Science of Georgia and the National Center for Teacher Professional Development have been cooperating with the New College Nottingham for several years. For the training courses at New College Nottingham, teachers are selected by their active participation in trainings conducted by the Center and by their achievements in classroom teaching. The National Center for Teacher Professional Development will continue to organize such trainings in Great Britain in the future.