Certification course for trainers of non-Georgian school teachers and directors started
News ArchiveAugust 03, 2017
Within the Teacher and School Director Professional Development Project of the "Millennium Challenge Account - Georgia", implemented by LEPL National Center for Teacher Professional Development, a certification course is in progress for trainers of teachers and school directors of non-Georgian schools.

The trainers will conduct trainings and other activities within the framework of the project - for teachers, school directors and project facilitators of non-Georgian schools and sectors. The trainings will be conducted by Azerbaijani, Russian and Armenian trainers who have taken the trainer certification course in Georgian language.

The course is attended by 38 non-Georgian trainers who have experience in teaching in public schools and / or managing a general education institution. The course consists of several stages and only trainers selected through the competition are eligible to take part.

The certification course started on July 30 of this year and will continue until August 16.

In 2017-2019, the certified trainers will retrain 213 directors of all non-Georgian public schools and 2177 teachers of chemistry, physics, biology, mathematics, geography and English language of the 7th to 12th grades. Trainings for non-Georgian speakers will be held in their native languages and Georgian language. The training materials were specifically translated for this end.

The teachers will be trained in terms of professional development and in general professional skills, as well as in a relevant subject methodology course. Knowledge and skills acquired in the trainings will enable teachers to make the learning process more fun, interactive, practical, and adjust to the demands and interests of the XXI century student.

Directors will take Improve the School Management - Leadership Academy course, which aims to provide professional development for school directors and professional development facilitators selected on the basis of the project.

The target group of the project is more than 18000 public school teachers of 7-12 grades of exact and natural sciences, English and Geography, and all public school principals.

The Project of Millennium Challenge Account - Georgia is funded by MCG and implemented by LEPL Teacher Professional Development Center, international consulting firm IREX in cooperation with the Ministry of Education and Science of Georgia.