Thematic working group of vocational education held a meeting
News ArchiveJuly 28, 2017
Within the VET Teachers and Directors Professional Development state program, a regular meeting of the thematic group was held. At the meeting, the group members discussed the professional development activities for VET teachers and the framework of a company trainer's qualification.
The company trainer is of particular importance in the implementation of dual and modular learning, since dual vocational education envisages practical in-service training of students as well. And practical trainings are conducted by a company trainer who shall meet professional and pedagogical requirements to help students achieve the result.
During the development of the company trainer’s qualification requirements, international standards as well as the experience of UN Agriculture Development and GIZ projects were taken into consideration.
The thematic group meeting was attended by the representatives of professional colleges, Georgian Employers’ Association (GEA) and NGOs. The process of creating qualification framework and professional development activities is in progress with the support of the EU Technical Assistance Project.