Program "Teach for Georgia" has announced competition for teachers
News ArchiveJuly 13, 2017
The program "Teach for Georgia" continues to work for the reduction of the lack of teachers in high mountainous regions and in remote villages of the lowlands of Georgia and is announcing a competition in order to increase the number of program consultants-teachers.

The specialists of Chemistry, Physics, Biology, History, Elementary Education, English Language, Georgian and Mathematics are eligible to participate in the competition, provided they meet one of the following requirements:
  • A teacher’s certificate in a relevant subject;
  • A certificate confirming a relevant subject competence;
  • A certificate certifying the completion of the 60-credit teacher training program;
The competition has been announced for 19 vacancies. Selected teacher-consultants will be employed in the high mountainous regions and in remote villages of the lowlands of Georgia and will provide teaching in accordance with the standards stipulated in the National Curriculum.

Employment contracts will be concluded with the selected candidates for the term of 2017-2018 academic year and a consultant-teacher will receive 400-750-1000 GEL bonus to the school remuneration. The amount of the bonus for consultant-teachers will depend on the distance between the school and the registered residence of a participant.

Selected teachers should teach a subject and also facilitate the implementation of non-formal education as well as professional development of local teachers.

The aim of the program "Teach for Georgia" is to facilitate teaching - learning process by attracting qualified staff and ensuring equal opportunities for education in all schools of Georgia.

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