Trainer training held at the National Center for Teacher Professional Development
News ArchiveJuly 07, 2017
A trainer training for vocational education trainers - "Individual Peculiarities of Students in Vocational Education" was held at the National Center for Teacher Professional Development. The training has been designed on the principles of adult learning and envisages students' individual peculiarities in the learning process.

Participants of the training learned about the techniques of differentiating approaches to learning and the importance of their use in diverse groups. In order to deepen the issue, the trainers discussed several issues where the strengths and weaknesses of this approach were discussed by taking into consideration students’ age.

Participants also had the opportunity to get familiar with the topics such as learning styles, types of intelligence, principles of adult learning, strategies of effective communication, peculiarities of student age, effective listening techniques that are important and essential for developing VET teachers 'teaching' skills.

"Individual Peculiarities of Students in Vocational Education" is the first module of the VET teachers training course. This module starts training of vocational education teachers. The course includes 4 modules, which teachers will gradually pass. The course was developed by UNDP Experts in cooperation with the TPDC Vocational Education Teachers and Directors Professional Development program, which aims to develop VET teachers training, professional development and career growth systems and to develop their competencies based on teachers’ needs and the changes in the field.