Gradual decentralization of teacher professional development process in progress
News ArchiveJune 21, 2017
The National Center for Teacher Professional Development, within the decentralization process, announces the grant competition for professional development programs, which promote innovative and diverse approaches for professional development.

The competition has been announced in three thematic directions:
  • Strengthening the school culture;
  • Facilitating the teaching-learning process efficacy through educational and social projects;
  • Promoting club and circle activities in the school.
The total budget determined by the Center for all three grant areas is 300 000 GEL.

Any non-entrepreneurial (non-commercial) legal entities incorporated in accordance with the Georgian legislation and / or legal entities of public law operating in the field of education that will or have already registered in the electronic database of the Center are eligible to participate in the competition.

Within the scope of the grant competition, applications must be submitted until 21 July, and selected grant projects shall be implemented from 21 August to 11 December 2017.

For the registration an applicant shall submit a grant application in both electronic and hard copy form. In particular, fill out the application form placed in the electronic database and upload any relevant documentation, in addition, submit to the Center the application and documentation signed by an authorized person.

Decentralization of teachers' professional development service delivery system will enable us to:
  • Make teachers' professional development services more diverse, cyclic and oriented on a quality outcome;
  • Promote the development and implementation of innovative and creative approaches in teachers’ professional development;
  • Promote partnership between different actors, cooperation between school networks, more focus on needs and specific results through grant competitions.
  • Facilitate the development of external, independent suppliers and accumulate expert knowledge in the field of education.
  • Increase the efficiency of the Center’s management and provide the opportunity to focus more on resources at the events supporting the professional development.