Training in distance teaching of Georgian language
News ArchiveJune 19, 2017
Within the framework of the TPDC sub-program for distance teaching of Georgian language, a training session has been held. At the training the teachers selected through the competition got acquainted with the technical and content methodology developed with the specifics of distance learning in mind.

The sub-program Distance Teaching of Georgian Language has been implemented since October, 2016 and is available to Georgian pupils living abroad through information-communication technologies.

Distance learning is intended for students aged from 5 to 15. The program at this stage involves more than 100 students, and up to 300 learners are registered, also groups are formed taking into consideration the age and language level of learners.

The aim of the program is to promote the Georgian language and culture and maintain national identity among teenagers living abroad. The program is implemented under the initiative of the Minister of Education and Science of Georgia with the support of the State Minister for Diaspora Issues and the company "Microsoft - Georgia".