Workshop held on implementation of differentiated instruction in schools
News ArchiveJune 14, 2017
The foreign colleague introduced the best international practices to the participants of the meeting on how to increase teachers' competences in differentiated teaching. The workshop was conducted using the concrete tools and educational technologies, and real cases related to differentiation were discussed.

According to Sarah Bever, differentiated instruction is important for Georgian teachers because it is the way of organizing learning process where all students can learn and develop. "The teacher, who uses differentiated instruction, believes that the learning process oriented on students' needs and their interests will enable all students to develop. It is wrong to think that one student can learn and the other cannot. All students can learn, "said Sarah Bever.

Increasing teachers’ competencies in differentiated instruction is important as studies have shown differentiation of methodologically wrong teaching can further deepen the difference in achievements and performance of students. The differentiation of instruction does not mean only selecting various complexity tasks for pupils, or classification of pupils by their level of knowledge, or developing individual tasks in classes with multiple students. Contrary, it means a lesson planned for all students focusing on their needs, interests, attitudes and values ​​of the pupils.
Within the scope of the project the work is underway to develop a guidebook for teachers on developmental assessment and differentiated instruction. At the workshop the structure of the guidebook was presented on which the participants of the meeting voiced their opinions and presented recommendations.

The Millennium Challenge Account - Georgia project is financed by the Millennium Challenge Corporation and is implemented by the LEPL National Center for Teacher Professional Development, with the support of the international consulting company IREX in cooperation with the Ministry of Education and Science of Georgia.