The electronic journal “” was launched
News ArchiveMarch 01, 2012
The National Center for Teacher Professional Development Center under the Ministry created a first electronic educational newspaper. The presentation of the new was held at the Sheraton Metechi Palace. The event was attended by the Minister, Dimitri Shashkini and the Head of National Center for Teacher Professional Development Center, Gia Mamulashvili.

The online newspaper offers diverse sources to the school teachers, principals, parents and any other interested person. The portal will feature current trends in the education sector, audio and video lessons, manuals, methods of learning and teaching, advice of educational specialists on different issues, blogs, Q&A section, etc.

The newspaper aims to popularize the profession of the teacher and serve as a tool of providing the teachers with the relevant information on certification process. It will also increase a public’s awareness on ongoing development in education sphere.

 The teachers from the regions as well as from the capital, school principals and education specialists had also opportunity to attend the presentation of the online portal.