The project eTwinningPlus trainer-ambassadors made a study visit to Warsaw
News ArchiveApril 27, 2017
The trainer-ambassadors of the program eTwinningPlus, with the support of the Polish National Agency and the National Center for Teachers Professional Development, travelled on a study visit to Warsaw. The purpose of the visit was to share experience in international projects.

Within the framework of the visit, Georgian ambassadors visited Warsaw Elementary School where they observed how teachers implement eTwinning activities in the classroom environment, how they apply various resources, including fun online tests. The 6th grade school children had prepared a presentation about Georgia - Poland in English. After a brief geographical and historical overview, the Georgian ambassadors answered the students' questions on different topics of interest to them.

Within the framework of the visit the Georgian ambassadors also learned about long Polish experience. The Poles have been working on eTwinning Portal for more than 11 years and are top rated with the number of registered teachers and implemented projects. During these years, they have acquired great experience which comprises of not only success stories but many challenges as well. The cooperation with the Poles will continue in the future.