Teachers trained on lab safety in schools
News ArchiveApril 10, 2017
Within the framework of "Millennium Challenge Account - Georgia" Teacher and School Director Professional Development Project, which is implemented by the National Center for Teacher Professional Development, 65 teachers across the Country have been trained on "Safety in school science labs".

The training module has been developed under the guidance of experts in the natural sciences involved in the project and in cooperation with the representatives of The US Laboratory Safety Institute.

During the training, physics, chemistry and biology teachers were introduced to general safety rules for working in school laboratories in order to earn skills of safe working in school science laboratories.

Science laboratories are an important resource for schools and their application in the academic process is one of the necessary prerequisites for the provision of efficient teaching. This raised the issue of working safety in laboratories. Ultimately, teachers based on the knowledge acquired during the training will be able to provide safe environment for students when conducting teaching process in school science labs.

"Millennium Challenge Account - Georgia" with the funding of “Millennium Challenge Corporation” is providing the full rehabilitation of 100 public schools which will be equipped with up-to-date science laboratories. Within the project 12 schools have already been rehabilitated (Bebnisi, Gori # 5, Zerti, Tianeti #1, Okami # 1, Sakasheti, Skra, Tiniskhidi, Tkhviavi, Pkhvenisi, Dzegvi and Khidistavi public schools) and the above training was provided to the teachers of the schools.

In the future a subject manual will be designed for teachers for conducting a learning process in school science laboratory and also training will be offered in this direction.

The Teacher and School Director Professional Development project of the “MCA - Georgia" is carried out by the National Center for Teacher Professional Development with the financial support of the Millennium Challenge Corporation and cooperation with the Ministry of Education and Science of Georgia.