Master Class for Music Teachers
News ArchiveMarch 17, 2017

National Center for Teacher Professional Development hosted the master class for music teachers. The master class was conducted by Tamar Buadze, the conductor and the head of the Georgian Choral Society Kvemo Kartli branch together with the amateur youth choral group "Tutarchela".

Moreover, the music teachers had the opportunity to receive detailed information from Rusudan Takaishvili, the Center’s music expert –consultant about the Children’s and Youth Choral Groups III Republican contest.

The Choral Groups III Republican contest aims at promoting academic choral singing, protection of national singing traditions, support and development of children’s and youth choral groups, and promotion of works of Georgian composers and discovering of new names in the choral performance.

For the participation in the Children and Youth Choral Groups III Republican contest, music teachers will be awarded 0.5 credit point.