TPDC celebrated the International Francophonie Day
News ArchiveMarch 22, 2017

National Center for Teacher Professional Development celebrated the French language and the International Francophonie Day. The event organized by the French Institute of Georgia was opened by Lia Gigiauri, the Deputy Minister of the Ministry of Education and Science of Georgia, Manana Ratiani, the Deputy Director of TPDC and Jean-Yves Lavoir, the Director of French Institute of Georgia.

The winners and students of French-speaking contests organized by the French Institute of Georgia were awarded at the event. Moreover, two French language teachers were nominated who won the French government scholarship for a short-term teaching internship in France.

The ceremony was attended by Didier Leroy, the acting French Ambassador in Georgia, Luke Beglinger, the Swiss Confederation Ambassador in Georgia and other officials of the diplomatic missions to Georgia, also, French language teachers and professors of school and universities and their students.

The International Francophonie Organization includes 57 member states and 20 observer countries (including Georgia). One third of the UN member states population speaks French language, and in all five continents more than 220 million people speak French language. The French-speaking population after the German speaking population is the most numerous in Europe.