Morocco and El Salvador Millennium Challenge Account representatives paid a study visit to Georgia
News ArchiveMarch 11, 2017

The Teacher and School Director Professional Development Project of "MCA - Georgia", which is being carried out by National Center for Teacher Professional Development, has been visited by MCA representatives from the Moroccan Kingdom and the Republic of El Salvador.

The aim of the visit is to study the successful programs initiated by the "Millennium Challenge Account - Georgia" in the education sector and their subsequent introduction and implementation in Morocco and El Salvador.

Irina Abuladze, the Manager of the Teacher and School Director Professional Development Project and George Machabeli, TPDC Director, introduced the guests to the project objectives, structure, management mechanism, strategy, achievements and future plans.

The project officials spoke to the delegation members about the importance of academic performance improvement of students in the exact and natural sciences which could be achieved through the long-term support of teacher and school director professional development.

The visitors also learned about the training modules, materials and assessment tools designed for teachers, school directors and vocational development facilitators selected within the project. The meeting was conducted in the discussion and question-answer mode.

The project involves more than 18 thousand 7 to 12 grade teachers of exact and natural sciences, English language and geography and all public school directors.

The 14 million USD worth project is one of the components of the MCC second compact. The project was launched in January 2016 and will be completed in the summer of 2019.

The visit to Georgia was provided under the "MCC" initiative as to the country where all the educational projects funded by the MCC has been successfully implemented.