TPDC announces the registration of service provider organizations
News ArchiveMarch 07, 2017
National Center for Teacher Professional Development has announced the registration of service provider organizations upon which a special announcement has been made by Mr. George Machabeli, the Center Director.

This year, among the TPDC priorities an important role is played by decentralization of professional development programs implementation process, which means offering a variety of teacher professional development programs by the Center and a number of service provider organizations.

The above process will be carried out in different stages; the first step involves preparation of situation analysis and study of market development potential. For this purpose, the TPDC is launching the registration of interested organizations, which will help the Center to properly assess the existing resources. Those eligible for the registration are as follows:
  • Service providers, who wish to participate in teacher professional development grant competitions and public procurement based on the Center defined priorities;
  • Service providers who carry out free and /or paid professional development programs can obtain recognition as program participant teachers will be awarded appropriate credit points.
The decentralization of teacher professional development services aims at improving efficiency of teaching-learning through professional development focused on teacher needs, which means to provide more diverse needs and results-oriented services, development of school-based professional development system and diversification of providers and supply methods.

The decentralization of service provision system allows various providers in the market to develop and implement a variety of programs for professional development of teachers in the competitive environment. The service may be provided by:
  • Secondary educational institution or network of institutions
  • Vocational and higher education institutions
  • Subject and professional associations
  • other entities complying with the terms of the competition,
The registration is available on the TPDC website.