Trainings continue at the Teacher House
News ArchiveMarch 08, 2012
In order to prepare teachers for certification exams, the National Center for Teacher Professional Development organizes seminars and trainings for teachers throughout Georgia. Today, the Minister attended a training for experimental methodology and the development of professional skills.

More than 100 teachers of English language, Physics, Chemistry, and Biology took part in professional development trainings organized at the Teacher’s House. These trainings will help teachers to enhance their knowledge and expertise in their respective subjects.

The Minister and the Head of the National Center for Teacher Professional Development Center spoke to the teachers and observed the teachers’ training experience.

The trainings are organized for the teachers on a daily basis at the Teacher’s House in all subjects, and also in the development of professional skills and experimental methodology. Ten rooms are specially allocated for this purpose. These trainings are offered free of charge and any acting teacher is eligible to take them.